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Not-to-be-missed festivals and events in Uzès

Throughout the year, festivals and events in Uzès punctuate the daily life of this lively town. 

The lively, welcoming town of Gard offers an eclectic range of activities to suit all ages and tastes. 

From truffles to wine, jazz, hip-hop, electro music, gastronomy and theater, Uzès is always ready to seduce its visitors.  

Ready to find out more? On this page, immerse yourself in this cultural melting pot with our selection of 12 festivals and events not to be missed during your stay. 

Whatever time of year you visit the ducal city, there's sure to be an Uzès event to enjoy. This page is for you to enjoy without moderation!

1/ Truffle festival

Organized since 1994 on the 3rd weekend of January, the Fête de la Truffe celebrates... the black truffle. For one weekend, Uzès (Occitanie region) celebrates "Tuber Melanosporum", the scientific name for the black truffle. Visits, events and activities are organized, including a market, a winegrower's evening and a gourmet truffle meal. Of course, you can also buy fresh truffles from the producers, if you want to treat yourself. 

2/ Uzès Christmas Market

For 3 days in December, the Place aux Herbes lights up with its attractive Christmas market, one of the finest in the Occitanie region. 

Nearly 100 craftspeople display their skills, and there's plenty of entertainment for children, including choirs, parades, mascots and Santa's house.

3/ Fête Votive

The fête votive d'Uzès is held over 4 days in early August. It's often a compendium of local traditions, particularly those of the Camargue. As is often the custom in the Occitanie region, horses and bulls are given pride of place with manades, abrivados and pool bulls. The streets of Uzès come alive with a host of events, including concerts, meals, balls and bodegas. 

4/ Uzès Dance Festival

A must-see event in June. Every year, Maison Danse Uzès organizes the Uzès Danse festival, a chance to discover contemporary French and European dance. Workshops, strolls, artistic experiences, stages and shows are held in a variety of venues: the Bishop's Garden, Parc du Duché, Place aux Herbes, Ombrière and more.

5/ Uzès Seul en Scène Festival

Launched in 2023 and co-created with artist Patrick Timsit, the Uzès Seul en Scène festival lives up to its name. The program features a wide range of artists (dancers, singers, writers, comedians, storytellers), with the credo of performing alone on stage. The shows, generally held over 3 days, take place on the L'Ombrière stage. This growing theater festival in Uzès is not to be missed!

6/ Saveurs et savoirs festival

Once again, an innovation! The Saveurs et Savoirs Festival was born in 2023, the brainchild of François-Régis Gaudry and the Association des Amis de la Librairie de la Place aux Herbes.

Based on conviviality and sharing, this atypical festival in Uzès combines culture and gastronomy. Its first program featured meetings, book signings, previews, tasting workshops and dinners at various venues around town, including the Place aux Herbes bookshop. Prestigious guests such as Michelin-starred chef Pierre Gagnaire took part in the first edition.

7/ The Uzès Medieval Festival

October marks the arrival of autumn. Uzès celebrates the Middle Ages with its Medieval Days. Over the course of a weekend, the Occitan town offers entertainment, shows, markets and guided tours. You can meet troubadours and horsemen, dine on a medieval banquet, or watch demonstrations of combat and tournaments of chivalry in the gardens and other public sites.

8/ The Uzès Wine Fair

In August, the Esplanade d'Uzès hosts the Foire aux Vins. It has been organized for almost 50 years by the Comité de Promotion Agricole. Winegrowers present their products to the public, and tastings are organized to discover the wines of the region (AOP and IGP).

9/ Les Nuits musicales d'Uzès

Dedicated to classical music and jazz, the Les Nuits musicales d'Uzès festival initially takes place in summer at several venues: the Cours du Duché and the Cours de l'Evêché, as well as the L'Ombrière concert hall.
The program continues in autumn/winter with a series of concerts for the general public, all held at L'Ombrière. 

Would you like to attend a jazz festival in Uzès? Au Fil du Jazz Festival makes it possible. A word of warning: the event is not held in Uzès itself, but in several villages of the Communauté de Communes du Pont du Gard.

10/ Tuesday nights

Tuesday nights are the main event at the beginning of the week in July and August. During this event, Uzès comes alive in a convivial atmosphere. More than 50 exhibitors present their know-how and products to the public in a dedicated market. The Place du Duché comes alive with music and dance.

11/ Hip-hop month

Here's something new! Since 2023, a new festival has been taking place in Uzès: Hip Hop Month. Held over a two-week period in December, the event features performances, dance, music and workshops to introduce visitors to this artistic and cultural movement that originated in the USA in the 1970s. A must-see event on the regional hip-hop scene.

12/ Les Électros d'Uzès

Looking for an electro festival in Uzès? We're here to help! Discover Les Electros d'Uzès, organized over two evenings in early August. Come and discover a selection of regional DJs and producers, and vibrate to the rhythm of the music near the Jardin de l'Évêché.

Festivals and events in Uzès: 4 things to know

Consult the Uzès festival calendar

Most of the events listed here are held at the same time every year. But there may be changes from one year to the next!

When planning your stay, find out the exact date of the event(s) you'd like to see in Uzès, a city of art and history. To do this, consult strategic websites such as : 

As you'll see, there's hardly an off-peak period in the year. We could also have told you about the following gatherings:

Consult the Uzès festival calendar

Our list of festivals and events in Uzès is suitable for all budgets. Many events are free of charge, and some are not. 

In the latter case, you'll need to factor this into the budget for your stay in Uzès, a city of art and history. Especially if you're coming as a family, with children. 

And don't forget that some events have a limited capacity. L'Ombrière, Uzès' cultural and convention center, for example, can accommodate a maximum of 500 seated guests.

Remember to book your show tickets in advance, whenever possible.

Take a look at the tourist attractions in Uzès

If you're coming specifically for a festival in Uzès (Occitanie region), don't miss out on the tourist attractions in and around the town (in Uzétien country).

We've listed a dozen of them on our dedicated page, including the Fenestrelle Tower, the Duchy, the Place aux Herbes and the Pont-du-Gard. 

Book accommodation for your stay

Last but not least, don't forget that major festivals in Uzès attract a lot of people. Don't forget to book accommodation if you want to stay overnight.

In the heart of the historic center of Uzès, the Boutique Hôtel Entraigues welcomes you to an authentic and enchanting setting.

This former 15th-century mansion, for example, boasts a panoramic terrace overlooking the city's rooftops, and a breathtaking view of the famous Fenestrelle Tower.

Questions about festivals and events in Uzès?

What outdoor festivals are there in Uzès?

The town of Uzès, located in the Gard region of France, offers a wide range of outdoor festivals. For example, you can attend the following outdoor events in Uzès, in the South of France: Les Nuits Musicales, the Truffle Festival, the Electros d'Uzès, the Fête Votive, the Uzès Danse Festival, the Foire aux Vins, the Christmas Market and more. Some villages in the Uzès region also offer their own events.

Where can I find a list of all the festivals in Uzès? 

The official website of the town of Uzès provides an exhaustive list of all the events and festivities organized throughout the year, enabling you to keep a close eye on a rapidly expanding offering. You can also consult its online agenda, filtered by date and category. For further information, contact the "Destination Pays d'Uzès Pont-du-Gard" tourist office.

What are the main festivals and events around Uzès?

In the South of France, Nîmes hosts the férias of Pentecost (May or June) and Vendanges (September), the Festival musiques actuelles aux Arènes (June-July) and the Festival international du Flamenco (January). Avignon is famous for its theater festival (3 weeks in July). Orange celebrates the Chorégies (June to August). Arles celebrates photography with the Rencontres d'Arles (July to September), as well as bullfighting with its férias (Easter and Rice, in September).