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Fête votive d'Uzès | Boutique Hôtel Entraigues

Every summer, Uzès transforms itself into a veritable party town to celebrate its Fête Votive. A not-to-be-missed event in this Gard town, it attracts locals and visitors alike in a warm, festive atmosphere. The August 2023 edition was a great success, and the next fête votive and its extended weekend are already eagerly awaited.

In Uzès, summer rhymes with fête votive, and the 2024 edition will be no exception. As always, the festival takes place on the first weekend of August, but in 2024 it will run from August 2 to 6. The Place aux Herbes, boulevards and streets of the town will be alive with a multitude of events: abrivado, bal musette, manades, the famous pégoulade, fishing and boules competitions, cycling grand prix, festive evenings, a concert by the group Peña del Fuego and even the Électros d'Uzès festival. The festivities promise to meet every expectation, offering entertainment for all tastes and ages. Keep up to date with the festivities on this site.

Programs, entertainment, shows : The Uzès Votive Festival

The Fête votive d'Uzès is an emblematic event for the ducal town! A rich and varied program awaits you, featuring traditional manades, abrivado and bull-pooling, as well as boules competitions, belote contests and lively concerts. Each day is marked by festive outdoor entertainment to celebrate the festival in a convivial atmosphere.

Opening breakfast

The festivities kick off in the Jardin de l'Évêché on the morning of the first day of the long weekend. The festivities begin with the traditional opening breakfast offered by the Town Hall to the entire population. This symbolic event marks the start of the Uzès Votive Festival, which promises to be a lively affair throughout.


Every year, there are traditional events not to be missed. For example: 

The party continues

In the evening, the festivities continue with entertainment on the boulevards, kicked off by the Peña del fuego and followed by night-time festivities. In the courtyard of the town hall, a musette ball led by a live band gives young and old the chance to show off their dancing skills. 

A different atmosphere will reign on the Promenade and Place des Marronniers with the Électros d'Uzès night, bringing together well-known artists from the electronic scene as well as up-and-coming local talents. 

Bandas and musical groups liven up the city streets before the arrival of the bulls and manades. And in the Jardin de l'Évêché, the festivities committee ensures the atmosphere with its bodega.

Conclusion of the fête votive d'Uzès

To round off this last day of festivities in style, the festivities committee has planned a special day for Pitchounets on the Place aux Herbes. On the program: inflatable games, a ball pool, a Nerf arena, interactive activities with dedicated zones for young and old alike. There will also be wooden games, a face-painting workshop and a balloon sculpture workshop to entertain the whole family.

Finally, to mark the end of this fourth day and close the page on the fête votive, a convivial meal featuring market produce is organized on the Place des Marronniers. Reservations can be made at the tourist office. To liven up the evening, there will be two types of music on offer: first a musette orchestra, followed by the group Génération 80 for a festive evening of dancing that will bring this edition of the fête votive to a fitting close.

Practical information

The fête votive d'Uzès is much more than just a festive event, it's a time for sharing, conviviality and discovering local culture (manade, bullfighting, pégoulade, bandas, bodegas...). In the Gard region, 30 minutes from Nîmes, spend a day, a weekend or the whole festival! Whether you're passionate about the entertainment, the gastronomy or the traditions, this festival is sure to seduce you and provide you with unforgettable memories. Don't wait any longer to plan your visit to the fête votive d'Uzès 2024! Let yourself be carried away by its unique atmosphere and contagious energy by taking part in other events and festivals in Uzès.