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place aux herbes uzes

The Place aux Herbes in Uzès

Nestled between the cities of Nîmes and Avignon, Uzès stands out as the Provencal destination not to be missed on your vacation in the Gard! Endowed with a rich historical heritage, this town abounds in picturesque alleyways and an exceptional charm that reveals itself as you stroll through the Occitanie region.

In the heart of the medieval old town of Uzès, in the south of France, lies the Place aux Herbes, an emblematic place steeped in a fascinating past, a charismatic aura and constant animation. Just a stone's throw from the Château Ducal d'Uzès, also known as the Duchy, and 15 minutes from the Pont du Gard, this square has witnessed centuries of history.

Alternately Place Royale and Place de la République, the Place aux Herbes in the historic center of Uzès is one of the town's favorite spots. Lined with arcaded galleries featuring shopfronts, it resonates every Wednesday and Saturday morning with the cheerful sounds of the market. When the hot summer days set in, it offers a haven of coolness, appealing to visitors and locals alike. The Place aux Herbes is a lively and convivial place, radiating out in a star-shaped pattern towards the many small, unspoilt streets with their undeniable southern charm.

A la carte restaurants, bed & breakfasts, hotels, original house rentals with swimming pool for your vacations, tourism is also the lifeblood of this French commune... Uzès, a historic town in the Gard department near Nîmes, is a tourist mecca packed with tempting addresses. A vacation destination not to be missed in our beautiful country.

History and architecture of the Place aux Herbes in Uzès

The Place aux Herbes dates back to the Middle Ages, bearing witness to France's rich and eventful history. It has always been the hub of commerce and community life in Uzès and the Gard. Its architecture is a harmonious blend of styles, with perfectly preserved medieval buildings adorned with colorful shutters and wrought-iron balconies, giving the square a unique, authentic atmosphere.

Since the 19th century, the Place aux Herbes has taken on its current form, but in the past, a series of residences occupied its heart. The oldest section of the square, with its Gothic arcaded galleries, dates back to the 14th century.

Place aux herbes in Uzès : Markets and activities

The reputation of Place aux Herbes is well established, and while it's well worth a visit in its own right, its markets are a must. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, it attracts a host of connoisseurs and tourists enchanted by the quality of the local produce and the friendly atmosphere. The farmers' market takes place every Wednesday morning, and the southern market every Saturday morning. The twice-weekly Place aux Herbes market is a veritable Uzès institution. The stalls are overflowing with fresh local produce, from seasonal fruit and vegetables to artisan cheeses, herbs and local delicacies. 

This tradition goes back a long way, with the very first market recorded on the Place aux Herbes dating back to 1241. Rooted in the centuries-old history of the Gard region, Uzès markets perpetuate a tradition that goes back thousands of years. Over the years, Uzès has forged its reputation thanks to the friendly atmosphere and authenticity that permeate its markets. 

In addition to the markets, the square hosts a variety of events and festivities throughout the year. Open-air concerts, exhibitions by local artisans and gastronomic festivals are all opportunities to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Uzès and its year-round vacation atmosphere. And to top it all off, truffle weekends, olive festivals and garlic fairs, as well as summer night markets, wine festivities and the enchanting Christmas market that has enlivened the square for over twenty years, all add to its dynamism and charm.

Practical information

Place aux Herbes is located in the heart of Uzès, just a stone's throw from the famous Fenestrelle Tower and the majestic Duchy of Uzès. It offers a generous space for activities and gatherings. Boutiques, hotels, bookshops, meeting rooms, rooms for rent... Many bars and cafés have pleasant terraces overlooking this welcoming French square.

For those wishing to visit the square, the exact address on the map is Place aux Herbes, 30700 Uzès, France. It's within easy walking distance of the town center, and offers nearby parking for those who prefer to come by car.

The Place aux Herbes in Uzès embodies both the town's fascinating history and its contemporary vitality. As a central gathering place, it offers locals and visitors alike an experience steeped in Provencal charm. Whether you're strolling through the market stalls, attending a cultural event, dining out or simply enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of this picturesque local square... A visit to Place aux Herbes is an unmissable experience during a stay in Uzès. What's more, this famous square is just a 3-minute walk from the Boutique Hôtel Entraigues****. The reviews are unanimous: there's plenty to visit in Uzès!