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The Château Ducal at Uzès

If the history of Uzès reaches its apogee in the Middle Ages, when you approach this town in the verdant valley of the Eure, in the Gard region, you're plunging into a place with ancient roots. Close to the famous Pont du Gard bridge in Provence, the castrum of Uzès developed in Roman times. It was on these foundations, probably in the 11th century, that the first stone of what was to become France's very first duchy was laid, just a few yards from the Place aux Herbes and its lively markets, which have been held since the 13th century.

In the peaceful Gard countryside of Provence, you embark on a journey through the eras of French history, guided by the destiny of a residence and a lineage: the Maison Crussol. Duke, duchess, king, family home, historical monuments, Gard estate, courtyard, grounds, park, city duchy, exceptional real estate 40 minutes from Avignon... Nestled in the heart of the picturesque town of Uzès, the Château Ducal stands majestically, a priceless historical treasure. Perched on a hill like an impenetrable fortress, this medieval residence recounts centuries of history and offers visitors a captivating immersion in the glorious regional past of the Gard region and the town of Uzès.

This remarkable edifice, the Duchy of Uzès, better known as the Château Ducal d'Uzès, will capture your imagination at first sight. The architectural evolution of the Château Ducal is revealed as soon as you approach. From its military origins to its transformation into a public building in the 20th century, the Château Ducal has stood the test of time, continually adapting to the times. The Duchy from every angle: visit the Bermonde Tower, the Guard Room, the bedrooms, the first floor, the rooms at the heart of the château... You'll know it all.

History and architecture of Château d'Uzès

Château Ducal d'Uzès is intimately linked to the prestigious lineage of the Dukes of Uzès, one of France's oldest noble families. Originally from the Languedoc region, the House of Crussol, formerly known as the House of Bastet, remains a French noble family to this day. Members of this prestigious line include general officers, a governor in the person of Louis Bastet de Crussol, high-ranking churchmen and eminent personalities such as Anne-Charlotte de Crussol de Florensac, an 18th-century woman of letters, and Emmanuel de Crussol d'Uzès, who was a member of parliament in the 19th century. The Crussol family has left its mark on French history through its contributions in various fields, spanning the ages with distinction and prestige.

Built in the Middle Ages, probably in the 11th century, the château is one of those monuments that have survived the centuries, undergoing numerous metamorphoses that bear witness to architectural evolutions and changing needs over time. Nicknamed the "Duchy", the château's architecture is a veritable condensation of French history. From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, from the Enlightenment to the Modern Age, each era leaves its mark on its walls and halls. Its imposing allure blends medieval, Renaissance and classical elements with finesse. Visitors can marvel at its imposing towers, ramparts, elegant mullioned windows and sumptuous, richly decorated interior rooms.

See the architectural evolution before your eyes as you contemplate the history etched in the stones of the primitive, majestic keep. From the elegant Renaissance portal to the traces of the French Revolution, via the flamboyant 15th-century Gothic chapel... The château is an incomparable monument in the entire Gard region, offering a unique opportunity to revisit key moments in French history. Take time to examine the Burgundian tiles on one of the towers, which proudly display the coat of arms of the Crussol family, owners since the time of Antoine de Crussol in the 16th century.

Practical information

Highlights of the Ducal Palace tour

After discovering the Pont du Gard just a few minutes away during a hike in Uzès, a visit to the Château Ducal promises a captivating experience for lovers of history, architecture and culture. According to the reviews, here are some of the highlights not to be missed:

The Château Ducal in Uzès is much more than just a tourist attraction; it's a living testimony to the history and grandeur of the region. By visiting this remarkable site, visitors have the opportunity to plunge into the fascinating past of medieval France and discover the unique cultural and architectural heritage of Uzès. The Château Ducal is a must-see destination for all travelers in search of authenticity and beauty. Don't miss the other must-sees in Uzès!