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Art gallery in Uzès

With its vaulted open space of over 200 m², featuring a magnificent piano accessible to all who master its playing, the Boutique Hôtel Entraigues**** in Uzès celebrates art. Indeed, the establishment hosts exhibitions showcasing the talents of artists, who find here a fitting venue to unveil their creativity. The Boutique Hôtel Entraigues**** is a cultural destination in its own right. Come and enjoy this unique cultural experience at the Boutique Hôtel Entraigues****!

Facing the majestic Cathédrale Saint-Théodorit, and not far from the Fenestrelle Tower, the Boutique Hôtel Entraigues**** offers a place where contemporary and timeless works come to life on XVᵉ stone walls. The establishment offers a true immersion between paintings, sculptures, performances and installations... A diversity of artistic expressions between reverie, sensitivity and harmony.

Artist programming

Painters, photographers, sculptors, draughtsmen and craftsmen are invited to exhibit their work in dedicated areas of the Hôtel Entraigues.

To kick things off, from April to July 2024, the first exhibition entitled "Au fil du temps". On show at Boutique Hôtel Entraigues**** are Renée Mireille Héaulmé (painter and sculptor) and Laurent Anastay Ponsolle (painter and performer). Renée-Mireille Héaulmé lives and works in Uzès. In her work, as Jean-Paul Sartre rightly said, art, like writing, is a commitment. No statement, no immediately identifiable message, her creations are a call to those who look at them. Laurent Anastay Ponsolle is a painter based in Paris. His powerful drawings explore the sensitive and the ephemeral, collaborating with contemporary dancers in a fleeting approach to a body in motion.

From July to September, Cécile Colombo (painter and illustrator) and Jacqueline Stillman (painter). Originally from Marseille, Cécile Colombo is a painter whose creations on paper mounted on canvas are brightly colored and resolutely modern. Jacqueline Stillman, originally from London, but now based in the Uzège region, creates oil paintings on stretched canvas. She draws on her surroundings, landscapes and everyday scenes to create her paintings. 

Finally, from September 2024 to March 2025, Rodrigue Glombard (painting, sculpture and installations), a Lyon-based artist of Martinique origin, will be exhibiting at Hôtel Entraigues. His works are reminders of the passage of time, witnessing new explorations, from painting on canvas to collages on paper, from shimmering colors to black and white.

A hotel and art gallery in Uzès

The Boutique Hôtel Entraigues**** aims to place the hotel at the heart of the cultural and artistic life of Uzès, positioning it as a place where art permeates the daily life of the establishment and its clientele.

To achieve this goal, the establishment calls on the services of a curator. The artists selected are recognized regionally, nationally and internationally. They usually exhibit in galleries and take part in contemporary art fairs. Their work is presented as part of an annual program.

The works are integrated into the Boutique Hôtel Entraigues****situated in the heart of the historic center of Uzès. This ancient XVᵉ century building offers remarkable architecture that enhances the creations on display, which anchor the place in our XXIᵉ century.

But the determination of the establishment and its curator does not stop there. More than just an exhibition, the aim is to make a lasting impression. To achieve this, a series of events will take place over the months: artist performances, installations, meetings, studio visits and lectures. These events, aimed primarily at the hotel's clientele, are also open to a wider public of collectors and art lovers.

Exhibition areas

To bring the works of art to life within the Boutique Hôtel Entraigues****, several carefully selected spaces are dedicated to them.

The gallery space in the lounges further anchors art at the heart of the establishment. This staging allows customers to discover flagship creations in a common space accessible to all.

Then, to fully integrate art into the hotel's daily life and architecture, certain creations are placed in all areas. The entrance hall, reception, breakfast room, corridors and guest rooms offer a range of creations in harmony with the world and ambience of each space. Particular care is taken in the choice of works displayed in each room.

Finally, the boutique area has been set up to enable guests and visitors to acquire unique objects and limited editions. The aim of this initiative is to maintain the artist's presence after the end of his or her exhibition, thus ensuring the continuity of his or her work within the hotel.


Practical info

Contact Boutique Hôtel Entraigues**** now to book one of its 19 comfortable rooms, in a unique French establishment.

The Boutique Hôtel Entraigues is located on Place de L'Evêché in Uzès, just a few steps from the famous Place aux Herbes and its many restaurants. In the beautiful Provence of the Gard, just a few minutes from the famous Pont du Gard, Uzès is 30 minutes from Nîmes and 40 minutes from Avignon. A French region where life is good and activities are plentiful!

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