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Uzès market

Nestled in the heart of France's Gard region, the charming town of Uzès boasts a picturesque market, a veritable ode to local tradition and gastronomy. This small medieval town in Provence Gardoise, 30 minutes from Nîmes, comes alive to the rhythm of the colorful stalls set up on the Place aux Herbes. A visit here is highly recommended. Indeed, this local market offers visitors an authentic experience imbued with the enchanting atmosphere of the South of France.

Since the 13th century, the Place aux Herbes has been the focal point of the Uzès markets. Every Wednesday and Saturday, this emblematic square in the Gard attracts crowds of market-goers and tourists alike, seduced by the irreproachable quality of the local produce and the warm atmosphere that reigns here. In addition to these weekly markets, Uzès also boasts a plethora of other gastronomic events, making it a veritable epicenter for tourism when it comes to southern delights and flavors.

History and tradition of the Uzès market

With its roots in the region's thousand-year-old history, the Uzès market bears witness to an ancestral tradition of trade and exchange. For centuries, local producers have gathered on this emblematic square to showcase their fresh, local produce, promoting short supply chains and reflecting the agricultural wealth of the Uzège region. Uzès has forged a solid reputation over the years thanks to the convivial atmosphere and authenticity that permeate its markets. This tradition is part of the town's proud history, with the very first market recorded on the Place aux Herbes dating back to 1241! 

Every Wednesday from 7:30am, the Place aux Herbes in Uzès takes on a special vibrancy as some sixty local producers display their stalls, offering a symphony of flavors. For over twenty years, this weekly farmers' market has embodied the excellence of local produce from the Gard region and pioneered short distribution channels.

As for the Saturday market, it brings together almost 200 exhibitors, creating a picture rich in color, art and fragrance, making it a not-to-be-missed rendezvous among southern markets. Particularly popular with tourists during the summer season, this Provence market promises a day that gets off to the best possible start. Take a stroll around the market to buy local produce and prepare a picnic for your next trip to Uzès

Beyond these weekly markets, Uzès celebrates local producers and gastronomy throughout the year with a multitude of events dedicated to the terroir. These include truffle weekends, olive festivals and garlic fairs, not to mention summer night markets, wine festivities and, for over two decades, an enchanting Christmas market. Uzès truly offers a varied palette of gustatory pleasures for every palate, adult and child alike.

Local products and craftsmanship

From the first light of morning, the cobbled streets come alive with the sound of lively conversation between merchants and shoppers. The stalls are bursting with local produce, from the olfactory delights of goat's cheese to the bewitching aromas of Provence herbs and sun-drenched fruits and vegetables.

Local artisans vie with each other to offer their art, including unique handcrafted jewelry and pottery, real treasures to be discovered as you stroll down the market aisles. Each stand is an excursion and an invitation to discovery, offering visitors the chance to take away with them a piece of Uzès, steeped in history and authenticity. It's a great opportunity to spend a day filled with souvenirs, local produce and charming boutiques on the Place aux Herbes, just 5 minutes from the town hall. Don't forget to make a reservation for lunch at a restaurant in Uzès.

Events set the pace in Uzès

The Uzès market is much more than just a place to buy groceries: it's an essential weekly rendezvous for locals and tourists alike. On Wednesday mornings, the square comes alive with a joyous effervescence, mingling the lilting accents of the South of France with the warm smiles of the producers. Opinions are unanimous: it's the start of a pleasant day. Perhaps an opportunity to nibble on fresh, seasonal produce before following your sweet tooth with a visit to the Haribo Candy Museum.

And for those who wish to extend this enchanting day, numerous events dedicated to the region's terroir and artisan know-how are organized throughout the year. Not only to boost tourism, but also to bring life to this French city brimming with treasures. For example, the night markets, organized at certain times of the year, offer a magical atmosphere under the stars. The magic happens in the lantern-lit alleyways, where visitors can sample local delicacies while strolling among the stalls and stores. During the summer season, the Comité des Fêtes d'Uzès organizes the famous "Mardis Nocturnes d'Uzès", lively night markets where food and wine exhibitors rub shoulders with tasting areas and musical entertainment, creating a festive and convivial atmosphere.

From April to June and from September to October, Sundays in Uzès take on a very special atmosphere with the "Dimanches d'Uzès". From 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., the Place aux Herbes, the Place de Verdun and the circular boulevards are transformed into theaters for a variety of themed events: potters' markets, antique fairs, plant and designer days, offering visitors a unique experience.

Uzès also celebrates the riches of its terroir throughout the year with a range of traditional festivals:

Practical information on how to get to the Uzès market

The Uzès market epitomizes the essence of life in the Gard: an enchanting blend of flavors, colors and conviviality. With its stalls steeped in history and tradition, this weekly market invites visitors to plunge into the heart of southern culture, for an unforgettable experience in the heart of authentic France. Extend the pleasure by continuing your day with the other things to do in Uzès.