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Uzès & the Eure valley, preserved settings.

At the crossroads between the Cévennes and the Mediterranean, Uzès seduces with its protected sector which is full of treasures.

Formerly First Duchy of France , Uzès has a rich past dating back to the Roman Empire. Recent discoveries suggest that the city has not yet revealed all of its riches. Visitors enjoy photographing the majestic Fenestrelle Tower, the magnificent cathedral, the Hotel du Baron de la Castille and of course the Duchy. Place Aux Herbes with its many terraces and market is also a must during your stay in Uzès. With its many pedestrian areas, the city is a paradise for walkers. A green lung, the Eure valley stretches at the foot of the city and is a favorite playground for hikers.

By its beauty, the city of Uzès has been labeled, ' City of Art and History ' in 2008 and recognized by the Michelin Guide,' 3 stars - worth the detour '.

The Pont du Gard, one of the most beautiful Roman buildings in Europe.

The most visited monument in the South of France, the Pont du Gard never ceases to amaze. A wonder of antiquity, witness to the grandeur of the Roman Empire, this majestic 2000 year old bridge impresses with its beauty and design. The Roman aqueduct bridge built in the first century AD spans the Gardon with grace. It is located 20 minutes from our prestigious Boutique Hotel.

The Pont du Gard and its 49 arches are listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco as a 'witness to human creative genius'.

Nîmes, the French Rome, in the heart of the Roman Empire transalpine.

Nîmes, the Gard capital, combines one of France's finest Romanesque past, with 17th and 18th century splendor and iconic contemporary sites. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Nicknamed the French Rome, the city of Nîmes is a must for your stay in Uzès. Like the Pont du Gard, which once supplied water, Nîmes witnesses the greatness of the Roman Empire. The Maison Carrée, the arenas, famous all over the world, or the gardens of La Fontaine are essential for your visit to the ancient Roman city.


Avignon, beauty and magnificence.

City of exceptional richness where palaces, gardens, ramparts, steeples, were worth to him in 1995, the inscription with the Unesco world inheritance , from the Palace of the Popes to the Pont Saint- Bénézet (known as 'Pont d'Avignon').

Other jewels from the Pays d'Uzès.

The Provencal Gard and the Pays de l'Uzège are dotted with perched villages with the label 'Most beautiful villages of France' : from Lussan, la Roque sur Cèze, Aiguéze via Montclus ...

And still others with very strong characters: Saint-Quentin-La-Poterie is made 'Art with ceramics', Collias, Cornillon, Goudargues, the 'Little Venice' Gard, Blauzac ... Without forget the famous capitelles, superb witnesses of pastoral past in the majestic Gorge du Gardon and Pont du Gard. & nbsp;

Breathtaking landscapes and sites.

Our natural and historical heritage constitutes a palette of incredible and very diverse paintings. The Gard department has no less than 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites . It is one of the cradles of Romanity and many exceptional historical sites.

Between scrubland and vast plains of olive trees, holm oaks, fruit trees and lavender, the treasures of Gard Provençal are numerous. Here are some examples:

From La Baume, a listed site of the Gorges du Gardon, to the Eure valley, the green lung of the City of Uzès and the orange-colored ochres of Saint Laurent La Vernède ...

From the majestic Concluses de Lussan to the Oppidum de Nages, a tourist rarity, from the Abbey of Saint Roman, remains of a troglodyte monastery, overlooking the Rhône (unique in France), at the Pont de Bornègre ... And in the meanders of the Cèze river.

All these treasures are the imprints of the tremendous wealth of exchanges and cultures over time! Welcome!

Gorges du Gardon, 'Grand Site of France'.

Near Uzès and Nîmes, the Gorges du Gardon is an unparalleled historical and geological site in the South of France.

Prestigiously labeled 'Grand Site of France' and 'Biosphere Reserve' , the Gorges are grandiose and leave room for contemplation.

Endowed with a remarkable ecosystem, these last ones constitute a high place paysagé in Europe.

And for everyone's pleasure, during the summer hours, they will offer swimmers, pure and fresh water and beautiful courses, all year round, for walkers and mountain bikers.


& nbsp;

The Cévennes National Park, a jewel of exception and authenticity.

Near Uzès, this remarkable territory has been distinguished by UNESCO and has obtained the label of "Forests of exception" .

The quality of the air, the beauty of the landscapes, the highlands with the deep valleys, the variety of the natural environments and the richness of the fauna make the Cévennes National Park, a jewel of exception and of authenticity!


Saltwater beaches and rivers.

To the delight of bathers and walkers, Uzès is 1 hour from the wild and unspoiled beaches of the Camargue, the Mediterranean (Espiguette, King Grau, Salin de Giraud, Saint Mary of the Sea, ... ) and 20 minutes from the Gorges du Gardon beaches in Collias.

Access for some beaches, by bus and cars. & Nbsp;

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